Commercial and industrial energy storage systems


Commercial and industrial energy storage systems

Commercial and industrial energy storage systems

Using Storage + Solar = Reduced Energy Bills

Industrial and commercial energy storage is a typical application of distributed energy storage systems on the user side. It is characterized by being close to distributed photovoltaic power sources and load centers. It can not only effectively improve the consumption rate of clean energy, but also effectively reduce the transmission of electric energy. loss, helping to achieve the goal of “double carbon”.

The structure of industrial and commercial energy storage systems is simply:

1. Different from large-scale energy storage peak-shaving and frequency-regulating power stations, its main purpose is to use the peak-valley price difference of the power grid to achieve return on investment. Valley spread arbitrage.

2. Both industrial and commercial energy storage systems and energy storage power station systems include battery systems + BMS, PCS, EMS, transformers, racks, connecting cables, confluence cabinets, lightning protection and grounding systems, monitoring and alarm systems, etc. Modern design, flexible configuration of system voltage and capacity.

Reduce your energy bills by up to 50% with low-cost dispatchable solar power. Our energy storage lithium batteries store excess photovoltaic generation for on-demand use. Invest in your own distributed solar + storage system and power your business with low-cost, low-carbon, dispatchable solar power. With AINEGY’s 10+ years of infrastructure solutions, generate your own renewable electricity and use it to avoid peak pricing and demand charges, reducing your bills significantly.

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Industrial and commercial energy storage

Advantage: Get better electricity prices and tariffs

Commercial energy tariffs have risen year by year as wholesale electricity prices have become more volatile. Whatever your demand situation, AINEGY lithium batteries can help you reduce the risk of price increases for your business by offsetting your needs with self-generated electricity. Future-proof your business against rising business electricity rates and get the best rates.

We can also help you get the cheapest wholesale electricity rates, store large amounts of energy when prices are low (or even negative), and use them when prices are high. The indicative diagram below shows how our batteries can be used to minimize expensive electricity imports from the grid in summer and winter.

Analysis/Business Requirements Fees in Australia

Bottom: Modeling based on C&I site data shows that storage cycles can dispatch solar energy for summer night use and avoid peak pricing periods in winter.

Decarbonize your business faster

Install more solar energy per site to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Without energy storage, the benefits of adding more solar PV diminish significantly once daytime peak demand is exceeded. Energy storage can significantly expand the size of solar arrays by storing excess daytime power generation for evening and night use.

Adding lithium batteries to your project can double or even triple the amount of solar energy you install per site, helping you decarbonize your business and achieve your sustainability goals faster.

Gain a new source of income


Access new revenue streams for your business through wholesale trade and ancillary services. Our business model for electricity consumers focuses on long-term, low-risk infrastructure returns through lower electricity purchase costs. In some areas, “commercial” activities, including wholesale energy trading and ancillary services, may bring additional benefits.

Simultaneously adding these revenue streams to your savings on electricity bills is only possible because our energy storage lithium battery technology does not wear out from frequent use like traditional lead-acid batteries.


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We have extensive experience in industrial and commercial energy storage and home energy storage. Our team will give you professional suggestions for modeling according to your actual needs, and provide you with one-stop service.


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