AINEGY Technology Energy Storage Battery Shipped Out To South Africa


AINEGY Technology Energy Storage Battery Shipped Out To South Africa

AINEGY Technology Energy Storage Battery Shipped Out To South Africa

Starting at 6:00 p.m. on July 7, the first batch of nearly 300 sets of lithium battery home energy storage products of AINEGY company began to be packaged and sent to South Africa after more than a month of careful assembly and commissioning preparations. Under the heat of the hot summer sun, the workers in the workshop loaded boxes of energy storage products on pallets, laid wooden frames, wrapped wrapping film, and loaded the pallets one by one into the container truck after checking.

The season in South Africa in July is just the opposite of that in China. It coincides with the second month of winter. The temperature drops day by day, and the daily minimum temperature reaches about 0 degrees. Due to the election in April next year, the power shortage situation has improved, but the demand and market for household energy storage are still there, and the power shortage situation is unstable. The actual situation of chronic power shortage still exists. This is also one of the reasons why AINEGY Technology company pays attention to the energy storage market in South Africa. ANEGY Technology company fully supports and solves the needs of residents in southern African countries for green power energy based on the concept of using technology and product innovation to promote new energy to benefit every family in the world. Bring benefits and convenience to people in southern African countries with affordable energy storage products.

South Africa is a developing country and one of the five BRICS countries. It has quite friendly trade relations with China. Its economic strength is at the forefront of the African continent, and its economic development is booming. Ainegy Technology Company continues to pay attention to the development of South Africa and other African countries, pay attention to the energy needs of residents in African countries, based in South Africa, bring energy storage products to Africa, and take the opportunity to expand Africa and the global market. Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, photovoltaic energy storage will gradually replace traditional energy and become an important part of global energy development in the new era. The market for photovoltaic energy storage new energy products will also increasingly replace traditional markets and become a hot spot in global economic development. The fifteenth summit of BRICS leaders will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from August 22 to 24 this year. In addition to the leaders of the five BRICS countries, the South African government also invites all African heads of state to attend the summit to discuss the BRICS countries. In cooperation with Africa, AINEGY Technology Company will also take advantage of the trend, strive for opportunities, gain a foothold in South Africa, face the world, and make the energy storage product market bigger and stronger.


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