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Microgrid system solutions

Our products are suitable for many fields

It mainly focuses on household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, AGV robot lithium batteries, special vehicle lithium batteries and other special customized lithium batteries or systems

Household Energy Storage System
Household Energy Storage System
Industrial And Commercial Energy Storage System

Industrial and commercial energy storage system

AGV& Robot Lithium Battery

AGV& Robot Lithium Battery

Special Car Lithium Battery

Special Car Lithium Battery

New Energy Power Generation

The new energy solution is mainly based on the integrated solution of uninterruptible UPS power supply application in container power station

Microgrid System

Microgrids, or distributed energy island systems, systematically combine generators, loads, storage devices and controls to form a single controllable unit that simultaneously supplies electricity and heat to users

Photovoltaic Energy Storage

"Photovoltaic energy storage" will play an important role in the future energy field. With the application of photovoltaic energy storage systems and the popularity of electric vehicles, the combination of the two has attracted wide attention.

Industrial Energy Storage Lithium Battery

Industria energy storage systems use lithium batteries as energy storage devices, balance and optimize the power supply and power demand among the grid, battery and load, and facilitate access to photovoltaic and other new energy equipment.

Home Energy Storage

The new energy storage system not only solves the stable demand for electricity, but also uses the peak-valley price difference to reduce electricity cost and improve the self-use rate of photovoltaic power generation.

Storage Robot

By integrating the "robot + storage system" system in the industry, we can improve the utilization rate of the existing warehouse site, import and shipment and per capita efficiency, and provide customers with more advanced storage solutions.

Forklift Robot

Conventional power lithium electricity has more advantages, such as higher overall efficiency, larger current duration, larger load-bearing power, and the battery itself is more environmentally friendly compared with lead-acid

Golf Cart

The configuration of lithium battery in the golf cart, for the traditional power above, are in the oil power or lead-acid battery, now in the world from the perspective of environmental protection, lithium is more suitable than the previous two, mainly safety, recycling, environmental protection,

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.

Energy storage lithium battery factory Exterior style optional:Power wall, floor, cabinet, stacked, vertical, all-in-one, etc.

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