Golf cart solution


Golf cart solution

Golf cart solution

The configuration of lithium battery in golf cart, for the traditional power, are in oil power or lead-acid battery, now in the world from the perspective of environmental protection, lithium battery is more suitable than the previous two, mainly safety, recycling, environmental protection, more efficient and continuous supply of large current equipment use, Aiyang Power can provide a whole set of system customized solution, 50-600A continuous current scheme

Golf cart solution
Golf cart solution


Model: 48V100AH

Nominal voltage: 48V

Rated capacity: 100Ah

Charging cut-off voltage: 54.75V

Discharge cut-off voltage: 40.0V

Maximum discharge current: 200A

Communication mode: RS485

Size: 530*315*240mm

Weight: 50kg (approx)

Its characteristics:

1. High energy density, stable and safe

2, high quality lithium iron phosphate cell

3, the high current technology is durable

Popular both at home and abroad.


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