Home energy storage solutions


Home energy storage solutions

Home energy storage solutions

New energy is attracting more and more people’s attention and favor. Household energy storage system not only solves the stable demand for electricity, but also uses the peak-valley price difference to reduce electricity cost, improve the self-use rate of photovoltaic power generation and other functions. It is an integrated solution for household use scenarios. Household energy storage solutions include “energy storage inverter + battery” complete solution, with a number of energy storage inverters and battery products; It also provides the UPS function to ensure that key devices do not lose power. Achieve a higher proportion of green electricity for self-use, reduce the cost of electricity, efficient clean energy, enjoy a zero-carbon life.

Its characteristics:

1. Maximum 15 parallel connections are supported for belt communication

2, support 485/CAN communication, compatible with the world’s mainstream inverter

3, wall hanging form, save space.

4, the display screen can be touch design, real-time monitoring of battery power information. It is very popular in European and American countries


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