How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?


How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

What Is Solar Power?

Did you know that the amount of sunlight that hits the earth in an hour and a half can handle the entire world’s energy consumption for a year? Solar power is a massive resource to be harnessed, which is one of the reasons it has become increasingly popular, as people strive to use more eco-friendly power sources. We harvest and convert this sunlight using photovoltaics (PV) or concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP).

PV is probably the type of solar power you are more familiar with, as it is used in solar panels. It works by absorbing energy from sunlight hitting a panel into PV cells, which then creates electrical charges inside the cell and causes electricity to flow. CSP works by using mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers. These receivers then convert this sunlight into heat. The common person will probably not have heard much about CSP, as it is primarily used in very large power plants.

Once the electricity has been generated, it can be used immediately or stored. These solar energy generation systems are commonly integrated directly into homes, businesses and existing electrical grids, to be used by itself or in combination with other traditional or renewable energy sources. Solar power can be used to power anything typical electricity can, such as appliances, lights, games consoles, electric cars and more.

Solar Panel Battery Storage

The great thing about harnessing solar energy is the ability to take advantage of solar battery storage. Sunlight can hit your solar panels for up to around 12 hours per day, continually generating electricity and power during this time. But what do you do if you’re not at home utilising this power, or need power at night time when your solar panels aren’t absorbing sunlight? This is why many homes use solar battery storage in combination with their panel system.

Solar panel battery storage is used when you are generating more energy than you require, or need to save energy until you need it. They work by taking the DC electricity produced by solar energy and converting it to AC power, where the battery will then store the power for later use. There are a few great benefits to this.

Solar Energy All Night Long

The main benefit of a solar panel battery storage system is having the ability to use the energy you produce all night long. Without a battery, you’ll usually find yourself having to rely on the national grid or another power source during the evenings and throughout the night, as there’ll be no solar energy hitting your panels to convert into power.

Reduce Your Bills

Solar power in general will help to keep your bills down, but using a solar battery storage system will cut it down even more. Most electricity used happens during the night at peak times, where it costs more. By storing energy at off-peak times, you’ll then be able to make use of this power during peak times instead of paying costly prices.

Make The Most Of Your Electricity

Without a solar battery system, the excess energy you produce will be sent back to the national grid instead of kept by you. By storing your electricity instead, you’re using more of the electricity you have already produced.

Energy Independence

For those looking to stop relying on conventional power and the national grid, solar battery storage is ideal for becoming 100% energy independent. If you’re generating enough electricity, you can easily build up your batteries during daylight and then use this energy at night, not having to rely on other sources at all.

Make Some Money

When your solar panels produce excess electricity, it is usually sold back to the national grid and you receive a small profit. But if you have a storage system, you can decide when to sell this energy back. If you are savvy and pick times when electricity prices are high, you can find yourself earning quite a bit extra compared to what you would normally receive.

Black Out Power

The national grid is usually quite reliable, but occasionally local or national blackouts can occur. While these are usually fixed quite quickly, it can be annoying living with no power, especially at night time. By having a solar battery system, you’ll be safe from blackouts, with a supply of power stored in your battery in case of emergencies.

How We Can Help

We are proud to offer a range of solar battery storage solutions that you can have installed on your property. They’ll help to maximise your solar panel system, reach complete independence, have an emergency backup and make great economic sense.

Tesla Home Battery System

We are a certified installer of ainegy’s market-leading solar battery solution, the ainegy Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall is charged by connecting it to your solar panels, and also by the grid when electricity costs are low. The electricity can be used to power your home, or to charge your Tesla electric vehicle. As they can be used to charge cars, Powerwalls can be installed both inside and outside of your property, being both water and dustproof to protect from the elements.

Energy Solution Solar Battery

The  Energy Solution Solar Battery is the world’s largest single-unit residential lithium-ion battery, capable of storing up to 16kWh of usable energy. It can be housed inside or outside, designed to be either floor or wall mounted so you can install it virtually anywhere. The power in the battery can power your home, charge your electric vehicle or be kept in case of emergencies.

SolarEdge Energy

If you’re looking for a system you can conveniently manage from an app, the Ainegy Solar Power may be the best choice for you. It has great efficiency, meaning you’ll get more clean energy at less cost when you connect to the inverter. It has a great battery capacity, able to power large appliances with ease for long periods of time.

You can even add multiple Ainegy Solar Power for even more power. It can be installed anywhere on the wall or floor either inside or outside, with an innovative Weather Guard feature that will automatically charge your battery in case of adverse weather that might affect the national grid. Download the app to connect to your battery and get access to real-time energy insight.

Renewable Energy Products

If you’re looking for solar battery systems or renewable energy products, contact us today. We offer a range of solar energy solutions perfect for utilising sunlight and creating a more sustainable world. We can help every step of the way, from surveying your property and designing a system to suit you to then installing the panels and offering after-sales servicing if needed. All of our solar panel solutions come with a 10-year guarantee, meaning you can rest easy knowing investing in our products will allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy for years to come.

Now is the best time to install solar panels or a solar battery storage system, as there is currently 0% VAT on batteries and domestic energy storage systems when installed with solar PV panels. This is because of the recent Value Added Tax (Installation of Energy-Saving Measures) Order 2022, which is helping to get emissions to net zero by 2050. You can therefore save money on energy-saving measures until 2077, including the products we supply. Note that 20% VAT still applies on retrofit or standalone batteries.

Solar Battery Storage
Solar Battery Storage

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