AINEGY Power Wall Home Energy Storage System


AINEGY Power Wall Home Energy Storage System

AINEGY Power Wall Home Energy Storage System

10KWh Power wall Home Energy Storage battery with Inverter System

Selling point:

  1. Master core technology, patent technology and appearance design patent technology. New products Self-Research &Development,every 2-3 months launching new products
  2. After-sales technical team support and excellent service

3.AINEGY 10 years brand is trustworthy and has a good reputation. End consumers generally give good feedback after they used, and good reputation can increase your sales volume

4.EVE good brand Grade new A prismatic cell is safe and stable, with high daily capacity and sufficient supply

  1. Long cycle life:6000 times
  2. Low internal resistance, high discharge rate and high energy
  3. High safety factor does not cause fire,and not easy to puncture
  4. Low cost and high cost performance

9.15 years BMS independent research and design, intelligent BMS protection board, over charge, over discharge, over current, high temperature, low temperature protection, automatic short circuit protection

  1. Light weight, easy to be installed, reduce installation cost
  2. Warranty: Battery 10 years.Inverter 5 years
  3. Lithium iron phosphate battery clean energy 0 emission
  4. Complete product certification, local customs clearance and Local selling no worry at all
  5. Inverter: Match more than 20 famous brands around the worldwide. (Such as: Deye, Growatt, SMA, Victron, Sungrow, Goodwe, Solax, Sofar, Luxpower)

Application Scene:

Technical Security:

1.Short circuit and overload protection: Short circuit and overload protection devices should be set at the output end of the energy storage power supply to prevent safety problems caused by line fault and human wrong operation
2.Battery Management System The BMS can monitor the voltage, electricity, temperature and other information of the battery to prevent the safety problems caused by the battery overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature etc, and can also smart management for the battery life
3.Fire prevention: During the installation and use of Home energy storage batteries, attention must be paid to safety and fire prevention to prevent fire accidents caused by short circuit and overload. To select batteries, inverters and related electrical equipment that meet national standards, and connect them correctly, regularly check exposed lines and possible short circuit points, and use fireproof materials be packaged and isolation if necessary
4.Electric Shock Prevention: When connecting home energy storage batteries, you must pay attention to correct wiring, ensure reliable grounding line, and use a three-wire socket that meet national standard to ensure the personal safety of users. In addition, when operating home energy storage batteries, you should avoid touching exposed lines and components to avoid electric shock
5.Theft and Robbery: When installing the energy storage battery box, it is necessary to choose a safe and reliable installation position, check the locking structure in time, strengthen anti-theft measures, and prevent theft or robbery
6.Lightning protection: Home energy storage batteries need to avoid lightning strike, it is recommended to choose a well-grounded indoor or outdoor environment, or use special lightning protection device to reduce the harm of lightning strike
7.Fire protection measures: The energy storage power supply should be equipped with necessary fire protection measures, such as fire extinguishers, auto smoke alarms etc, to deal with possible fire accidents
8.Safety Warning: During the use of the energy storage power supply, attention should be paid to the safety warning label to avoid safety problems caused by human error
9.Regular maintenance: Check and maintain the energy storage power supply regularly to discover and handle potential security risks in a timely manner
10.In a word, Home energy storage batteries need to fully consider a variety of possible safety problems, and take appropriate measures to protect and manage, to ensure the safety and reliability of household electricity, to ensure the safety of the whole family

Clients Feedback:

This set classic energy storage system of AINEGY is loved by customers all over the world, and we believe it is also a good choice for you, whatever you need to use home energy storage, commercial energy storage or industrial energy storage, AINEGY energy storage system always can provide you with excellent performance and reliable guarantee. Our systems use the most advanced energy technology to efficiently storage and release electrical energy, ensuring that your equipment is always in a stable status of operation.
AINEGY’s energy storage system own several advantages, including high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and durability etc. Our system is also equipped with intelligent control function, which can automatically adjust the rate of charging and discharging according to the actual demand, ensuring the stability and safety of the system. In addition, Our systems are also highly expansibility and can be customized and upgraded according to your need.
Compared to other energy storage system, AINEGY’s energy storage system offer higher cost performance and reliability. Our systems through a rigorous quality control and testing process to ensure that each system meet the highest standard. In addition, our after-sales service team also can provide you with comprehensive support and garantee to ensure that you never have any problems and troubles while during usage.
Overall, AINEGY’s energy storage system is a great choice, it can meet your various energy storage need, and provide excellent performance and reliable assurance. We are very worthy of your trust, if you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.


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