New energy generation container solution


New energy generation container solution

New energy generation container solution

The new energy solution is mainly based on the integrated solution of UPS uninterrupted power supply application of container power station. The most advantageous feature of the product is peak and valley energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage construction capacity of 4MWh voltage can reach 1200V, the input voltage is ultra-high, ultra-wide range, convenient operation and maintenance, cost reduction, high efficiency and flexibility, intelligent liquid cooling temperature control, reduce the auxiliary power consumption of the system. The system is simple and efficient, comprehensive conversion efficiency, double-layer horizontal battery cluster, save electrical cables, mainly suitable for factory roof and distribution is power generation system. Maximize the value of investment for our clients. Here are the basic parameters of the battery:

Battery type: v200kwh IYP – 380 – A2

Nominal voltage: 380V

Rated capacity: 500Ah

Battery size: Customizable

Protection functions: over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection, communication, SOC, charge management, discharge management, thermal management, etc

Battery brand: iYPOWER /iYPOWER

Product advantages: custom development, factory direct sales, brand cell, independent research and development of BMS, ten years of experience, mature, stable and reliable production process

Application fields: mobile energy storage, packaged energy storage, home energy storage, solar power generation, etc

Products: 380 v100kwh, 380 v300kwh, 380 v50kwh v500kwh, 210, 210 v20kwh, 210 v10kwh, 48 v10kwh, etc

New energy generation container solution
New energy generation container solution

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