Photovoltaic energy storage solutions


Photovoltaic energy storage solutions

Photovoltaic energy storage solutions

With the rapid improvement of energy storage technology and the continuous reduction of cost, “photovoltaic energy storage” will play an important role in the future energy field. With the application of photovoltaic energy storage system and the popularity of electric vehicles, the combination of the two has attracted wide attention.

The use of solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, normal weather when the power supply, in rainy days, it is provided with mains electricity.

Product model: 51.2V20KWh/5000W

Size: 442*400*223mm

Weight: 250Kg


1. Safety and environmental protection

2. Low cost and long-lasting power supply

Several common optical storage + systems are:

1. Light storage + charging pile

2. Optical storage + BIPV

3. Solar storage + community photovoltaic

4. Photovoltaic storage +  county promotion In addition to the above photovoltaic storage + system, there are also application scenarios such as photovoltaic storage + microgrid, photovoltaic storage + DC building, photovoltaic storage + sun room. The photovoltaic storage + system may become a new growth point for domestic photovoltaics


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