Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KWh 10KWh 12KWh


Ainegy Solar Power generation

Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KWh 10KWh 12KWh

MPPT Charge Controller/ Inverter

Hybrid solar power systems collect the sun’s energy, convert it into electricity, and then store it in batteries so the user can draw power from it as needed.

Comunication protocol:Support RS232/RS485/CAN,communication protocol can be customized
MBS/Inver customization:Independent research an development,can be customized
Waterproof technology:IP20/IP45/IP54/IP65/IP68 grade
Low Temperature Technology:Stable operation in-35℃ low temperature encironment

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dc to ac inverter

dc to ac inverter

dc to ac inverter  dc to ac inverter  dc to ac inverter

Brand Name:AINEGY                                                             Max. number of parallels: 6                                                 
Model Number: 8KH1NA-A1                                                Input Voltage: 230V
Output Voltage: 120VAC/240VAC                                      Output Current: 20A
Output Frequency: 50/60(HZ)                                            Output Type: Hybrid
Type: DC/AC Inverters                                                            Inverter Efficiency: 94%
Certificate: UN38.3/MSDS                                                    Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 41KG                                                                             Size: 430*220*710mm, 430*220*710mm
Typical output frequency: 8000W                                     Waterproof: IP65
Peak output power: 15000VA                                              Rated output voltage: 230VAC+/-5%
Battery typical voltage: 48VDC                                           Battery voltage range: 40~58VDC
Max. PV power: 12000W                                                       MPPT voltage range: 120~430VDC


dc to ac inverter

dc to ac inverter

Packaging Details

Transportation: Sea transport, land transport, rail transport, express
Packing:Foam + carton + wooden case/accept customizable



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